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The Business Case Guide

By Marty Schmidt. 2nd Ed, 254 pages
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The classic "How to" guide for creating a compelling Business Case

The complete practical guide to building the case. Assumes no prior background in finance or business planning. Available in eBook (PDF) edition.

  • What are the main features of a strong business case?
  • What should I do first in my case building project?
  • What is management looking for in my business case results?
  • What is included in a complete business case?

The latest edition of the Business Case Guide provides clear, practical answers to questions like these and dozens of others. Written with the depth and detail that finance and planning professionals require, the Guide is also rich in practical help and examples for those with little or no background in those areas.

Step by step guidance and examples all the way

The Guide has been recognized as the standard source for those who build the business case since 1999, when the first edition appeared. One reason is its focus on step by step guidance and examples—especially for non financial people building a business case for the first time:

  • The case-building project: Making the best use of time and resources.
  • Understanding the meaning of ROI, net present value (NPV), total cost of ownership (TCO), and other financial metrics. Choosing the right financial metrics for your case.
  • How to project cost and benefit results in cash flow terms. Cash flow statements that score high in credibility with financial specialists.
  • Essential components of the business case report.
  • How to package and present the report for maximum impact.

Experienced and first-time case builders often struggle with some of the same case building issues. The Guide provides easily implemented solutions for issues like these:

  • Measuring the financial value of  "soft" benefits
  • Minimizing uncertainty and measuring risk
  • Handling business case critics

Proven methods and proven benefits

The Guide is a single resource for the same tools, methods, and expertise that we deliver to companies and organizations like ABB, BP, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, McDonald's, Microsoft, NASA, NSA, Royal Bank of Canada,US Department of Defense, SAP, and others. 

The Guide provides a methodology and a framework with proven benefits for case builders and their organizations:

  • Consistency from case to case means less case building time and effort, and more confidence when results are evaluated.

  • Non financial professionals have the means for  communicating business value to financial specialists.

  • Competing proposals are compared fairly and evaluated by the same measures.

  • Business and government requirements for accountability are readily met.

  • The number of missed opportunities and costly mistakes is reduced.

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Marty Schmidt, President, Solution Matrix Ltd. Author of Business Case Essentials.About the author, Marty J.Schmidt
President, Solution Matrix Ltd.

The Essentials or The Guide?

  • Business Case Essentials (110 pages) is a concise, complete introduction to business case analysis for those in private industry, government, or non profit organizations. Essentials focuses on what belongs in a business case and why.
  • The Business Case Guide (254 pages) presents the same proven business case structure and content, with additional in-depth focus on the case building process and cost/benefit estimation.

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Business Case Essentials

The complete concise guide to what belongs in your case and why. The trusted authority on business case analysis provides clear, practical, step-by-step guidance.

Essentials—The most frequently cited case-building guide in print.

Metrics Pro

Handbook, textbook, and live templates in one Excel tool. Comprehensive usage and implementation of ROI, IRR, Working capital, EPS, and 150+ more cash flow and financial statement metrics.

Metrics Pro features the Analyst Workbench & Chairman's View.

Modeling Pro

A complete tutorial on building financial models for estimating costs, benefits, and business case results.

Modeling Pro—Live examples & templates for your own models.

Business Case
Templates 2014

Integrated Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Template system designed to help you build a professional quality case quickly and easily.

Templates 2014—When you need a real business case.

Progress Pro

Finish time-critical projects on time with the power of statistical process control tracking. The Excel-based system makes implementing project control charting easy to use—even for those without a statistical background.

Progress Pro—When projects simply have to finish on time.

Case Building Package

The Master Case Builder
   The B Case Guide Ebook
+ B Case Essentials Ebook
+ Financial Metrics Pro V4
+ Financial Modeling Pro V4
+ B Case Templates 2014

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