Business Case Competency: Think Program, Not Point Solution.

What does it take to build high level business case competency in the real world? Training? Templates and software? Directives?  

Business Case Competency: It’s an Objective

“We are going to stop making bad decisions and we are going to stop now!”

It sounds like the voice of a leader who is decisive and impulsive by nature. And, it sounds like the overdue response of a manager burned one time too many by a direct report. Or, it sounds like a reaction due to an ultimatum from the boss. In any case, the goal and the urgency were clear: “I announced this morning that we are going to stop making bad decisions and we are going to stop now!”

Business case competency for the organization resides in the skills and the knowledge of individuals.

The group’s business case competency resides in the skills and the knowledge of its people.

This was in fact a Senior Vice President at a US Fortune 100 company  who had just phoned to ask what it would take to build establish good business case practice in his company. Certainly, he was feeling the pain from a long history of costly bad decisions.

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A Real, Long Term Solution

The Vice President was not talking about the next proposal needing support. And he was not thinking about about just one or two individuals needing business case skills. Continue reading “Business Case Competency: Think Program, Not Point Solution.”

Should You Believe the Vendor ROI Figures?

The internet is awash with sellers asking you to believe vendor ROI figures. 

Should you believe vendor Roi figures?. Can you explain the difference?

Customers often hesitate to believe vendor ROI figures.

You know this very well if you are currently shopping for costly assets. Vendors know that ROI and TCO are central in purchase decisions for large IT systems, vehicles, production machines, and lab equipment.

Should You Believe Vendor ROI and TCO Predictions?

Vendor-produced ROI figures are also center-stage when sellers predict customer ROI and TCO figures along with the sales proposal. Many vendors seem to believe that sale closing will follow faster when they show customers the attractive ROI and TCO results they can expect.

Customers, of course, should immediately ask:

  • Are the vendor ROI figures trustworthy?
  • Are the vendor TCO figures really comprehensive?
  • Will we really see these results?

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Few Know What “Business Case” Means

Business Case Center Stage

Surprisingly few in business really know what “business case” means.  Nevertheless,  at business meetings everywhere, it seems like business case analysis is center stage. Why?

Few know what business case means

Everyone talks about the “Business Case,” but few really know what that means.

  • First, the business climate today has a low tolerance for management error.
  • Second, the need for rock-solid accountability is increasing.
  • Third, the competition for scarce funds is intense.
  • Finally, managers must now show why the course they choose is the best course. And, they must show this in business terms.

As a result, the business case is mandatory for most important business decisions today.

Business Case Analysis: Who Needs It?

Nevertheless, while everyone talks about the business case these days, surprisingly few know what this really means. Consequently, those who master case-building skills have a real advantage over their professional colleagues. As a result, they have the advantage in business areas such as the following. Continue reading “Few Know What “Business Case” Means”

Business Case Templates 2018 to Make Your Case

Business Case Templates  Package

Business Case Templates for case building success

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Templates 2018: Because sometimes a back-of-the-envelope ROI just won’t do. Because … 

Sometimes You Need a Real Business Case!

The Business Case Templates 2017 package will guide you to a professional quality business case quickly and easily. Build your case in the shortest possible time, free of uncertainty about case structure and content.

Complete the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint templates in the package to build a professional quality business case report, ready for presentation and review. Also, know that your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, analysts, and skeptical managers.

Templates 2018 have a proven track record in companies, non-profits, and governments, worldwide, since 2004. Templates 2018 get results because they focus above all on the reasoning and evidence that “make the case.” Continue reading “Business Case Templates 2018 to Make Your Case”

Business Case Essentials: Build a Compelling Case

Business Case Essentials. The Best-Selling Case-Building Authority.

Business Case Essentials ebook

Business Case Essentials

5th Edition ISBN 978­1929500031
by Marty Schmidt
Published by Solution Matrix Ltd 2018
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The Best-Selling Authority in Print

The concise, complete introduction to case building and business case analysis. Essentials is written for those who must learn quickly what belongs in a business case and why—those who must build a compelling case in the shortest possible time.

Since its First Edition in 1998, Business Case Essentials has helped thousands of professionals in all lines of business answer questions like these: Continue reading “Business Case Essentials: Build a Compelling Case”

Brands and Branding: Enhance the Image, Charge Premium Prices

The value of strong brands and branding is clear to everyone familiar with names such as Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, BMW, Ericsson, Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Disney.

Understanding Business StrategyThe firms that carry these names have built successful brand names over many years. Their brands now work as powerful assets for market pricing and selling. Why do they spend so much and work so hard to build strong brands? And, why do they pay so much attention to protecting their brands from misuse, damage, or slander?

The answer, of course, is that strong branding pays off at the bank. The financial payoff stems from customer qualities that every company founder, officer, and marketer aims for: strong brand equity and strong brand loyalty.

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Business Case, Business Plan: Do You Know the Difference?

“Many businesspeople ask Business Case, Business Plan. What’s the  difference?”  

Business case, Business Plan. Can you explain the difference?

Business case, Business Plan. Can you explain the difference?

It’s a question that surprisingly few people in business are ready to answer. It’s a question you may have to answer many times for your colleagues. And, it’s a question that many participants bring to our business case seminars.

People often use the terms interchangeably or ask for one of them when they mean the other.  Why?

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Business Case Risk: Will We Really See The Predicted Results?

Deliver Case Results and Business Case Risk Comes With the Turf.

Business case risk means that results come with uncertainty.

The business case predicts financial results, but these predictions come with business case risk.

Those proposing business investments and actions rely on robust business case analysis (BCA) to predict the likely outcomes. However, business case risk is always present.

Everyone knows, however, that not even the most rigorous BCA cannot eliminate business case risk—uncertainty about the results of business decisions. Through BCA can, however, cut uncertainty, measure what remains, and deliver tools for managing risk as the action goes forward.

Senior business managers say, increasingly, that the margin of tolerance for management error is shrinking, visibly and tangibly. In the current business climate, therefore, there is urgency to questions like these: Continue reading “Business Case Risk: Will We Really See The Predicted Results?”

Business Case Maturity Level Matters: What’s Your Level?

Business Case Maturity Level support is becoming mandatory

Business Case  Maturity level affects business case results: practical guidance for increasing gains, reducing costs, and reducing risk.

Business Case Maturity Level matters because everyone involved with your business case is likely to have serious questions about the case-building process. As a result, the project manager, outside consultant, and senior managers all want to know what they are in for! And they want to know if the results are going to be worth the effort.

Does Business Case Maturity Level Matter?

You might expect the answers to depend on such things as the scope of the project or action under analysis, or the size of the funding request. Answers are in fact easy to predict, but they usually depend little on those factors.

Those involved in building the case will want to know, specifically:

  • How long will it take to build the business case?
  • How many labor hours should we budget for case building?
  • Will case results give decision makers the understanding and confidence they need to take action?

Answers to these questions are easy to predict—if you know the group’s Business Case Maturity Level.

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Process Control Project Tracking: When You Must Finish on Time!

Process control project tracking gives project managers the critical advantage with time-critical projects.

Process control project tracking gives project managers control for time-critical projects
  • Firstly: Early warning of a likely late finish or early finish.
  • Secondly: Up-to-the-minute comparisons of project plans with actual progress.
  • Thirdly: Visual updates on schedule gains and losses, easily understood by everyone.

Monitor Progress With Process Control Project Tracking

The process control project progress chart (also known as a Schmidt Chart) is similar to statistical process control charts for manufacturing quality control. Because the chart puts current performance into historical context, everyone with an interest in the project can see immediately how actual progress compares to the original plan. Continue reading “Process Control Project Tracking: When You Must Finish on Time!”