Business Case Essentials, Build a Compelling Business Case

Business Case Essentials ebook

Business Case Essentials

4th Edition ISBN 978­1929500031
by Marty Schmidt
Published by Solution Matrix Ltd 2016
PDF ebook, 110 pages  US $29

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The Most Frequently Cited Business Case Authority in Print

The concise, complete introduction to case building and business case analysis. Essentials is written for those who must learn quickly what belongs in a business case and why—those who must build a compelling case in the shortest possible time.

Since its First Edition in 1998,Business Case Essentials has helped professionals in all lines of business answer questions like these:

  • How do I prove that one choice is the best business decision?
  • Can I establish value for all benefits—even non financial benefits?
  • How do I measure and minimize risk?
  • Can I deliver practical guidance for maximizing business results?
  • How do I build a “business” case when I’m ingovernment?

Essentials assumes no prior background infinance orbusiness planning.Now in its 4th Edition with nearly one million copies circulating,Business Case Essentials has become the most frequently cited business case resource in print.

Build the 6D Framework

Business Case Essentials leads you step by step to professional quality business case results. Build your case in the6D Business Case FrameworkTM, the practical structured approach that business people everywhere know as an industry standard.6D Business Case Framework consists of six stages

  • Firstly, Define the case.
  • Secondly, Design the case.
  • Thirdly, Develop the case.
  • Fourthly, Decide the case.
  • Fifthly, Deploy the case.
  • Sixthly, Deliver the case.

The 6D structure helps you build and communicate the reasoning—the rationale—that “makes your case.” The 6D Framework serves, firstly, to outline of your case building process. Each stage, however, results in a report section with the same name. As a result, the 6D structure also outlines your business case report.

When report structure mirrors process structure, case readers travel the same logical path the case builder has just traveled. Cases built this way survive critical scrutiny, provide useful guidance, and predict what actually happens

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Proven Methods, Proven Benefits

Essentials is the textbook for participants in Solution Matrix Ltd Business Case Master Class Seminars. It presents the same structured approach to case building that we deliver to organizations like ABB, BP, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, NSA, Royal Bank of Canada, the US Department of Defense, SAP, and others. Like our companion book, the Business Case GuideEssentials delivers methods and a framework with proven benefits for case builders and their organizations.

Marty Schmidt, President, Solution Matrix LtdAbout the author, Marty Schmidt
President, Solution Matrix Ltd.

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PDF ebook, 110 pages  US $29

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