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Business Case Templates when you need a real business case

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Templates 2019: Because sometimes a back-of-the-envelope ROI just won’t do. Because … 

Sometimes You Need a Real Business Case!

Business Case Templates for case building success
  • 2019 Edition
  • by Solution Matrix Ltd
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF Package.


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The Business Case Templates 2019 package will guide you to a professional quality business case quickly and easily. Build your case in the shortest possible time, free of uncertainty about case structure and content.

Complete the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint templates in the package to build a professional quality business case report, ready for presentation and review. Also, know that your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, analysts, and skeptical managers.

Templates 2019 have a proven track record in companies, non-profits, and governments, worldwide, since 2004. Templates 2019 get results because they focus above all on the reasoning and evidence that “make the case.”

Cover the Full Range of Business Case Needs

Business Objectives and Business Needs

List the specific outcomes or business objectives addressed by the proposed action. Objectives may include solving known problems.

Also, explain how you will measure progress towards each objective and target levels for the objectives, either in financial terms or in terms of impacts on other tangible measures (e.g., key performance indicators).

MS-Word Report Templates
include all section headings, each with abundant example text. Replace the blue example text with a similar message about your own case.

Templates 2019 are equally effective across the full range of business case subjects.

  • Program proposals
  • Funding proposals
  • Product proposals
  • Capital acquisitions
  • Strategic planning
  • Alliances
  • Training proposals
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Sales proposals
  • Green action
  • Lease vs. buy
  • Reduce risk actions
  • Outsource decisions
  • Emergency funding
  • Vendor selection
  • lT support proposals
  • IT upgrades

Build and Deliver Your Case

Business Case Templates includ Word, Excel, and Powerpoint examples

MS PowerPoint Templates includes a 22-slide presentation, showing how best to present business case results. Easily replace theme, text, and images with your own.

Business Case Templates 2019 start with the framework for your business case already in place. MS Word report templates provide section headings and example text, while MS Excel templates provide the framework for the financial model at the heart of your case.

Complete your case with these steps:

  • Choose an MS Word report template, with section headers already in place. Replace blue example text with similar text about your own case.
  • Select an MS-Excel template as the basis for your financial model. Follow User Guide instructions to complete the model for your own case.
  • Follow User Guide instructions to analyze your projected business case results.

Who Uses Templates 2019?

Case building is no longer a job for Finance in the back office. Instead, case building responsibility today rests squarely on professionals in the business unit. This usually means those who make proposals and take action.

First-time case builders may have very little background in finance and business planning. Nevertheless, they still must deliver a professional-quality business case in a short time.

As a result, the Business Case Templates 2019 package is the ideal case-building solution for project managers, product managers, consultants, strategists, product managers, line managers, IT directors, and others who build the business case.

What’s in the Templates Package?

Download the Templates 2019 package today! The package includes:

  • Four MS Word Template files (.dotx files). Word templates in two versions,  with and without onscreen guidance. Versions are cover printing A4 size pages and Letter size pages.
  • Four MS Excel Template files (.xltx files). Excel templates in versions for business cases covering 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. You can easily adapt the 5-year template for longer periods.
  • One MS PowerPoint Template file (.potx file). Template file with 24 slides to present a business case with the structure and content of Word Template. Replace the Guide text and examples on each slide with your own case.
  • Business Case Templates Users Guide document (PDF format).
  • “What’s a Business Case?” document (PDF format).
  • Example completed business case report (MS Word docx file) and its financial model (MS Excel .xlsx file).

Templates 2019 uses Microsoft Office products. The Templates run on Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs.

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MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint System


Orders process through PayPal. Purchase with any AMEX, VISA, MC  Card, or PayPal account.

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