Financial Modeling Pro, Learning Tutorial and Templates

4th Edition, ISBN 9781929500086
Published bySolution Matrix Ltd 2017
Excel-based ebook handbook, templates  US$39

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Learn to Build the Financial Model!
Build a Professional Quality Model in the Shortest Possible Time!

Build Your Financial Model in the Shortest Possible Time

Financial Modeling Pro is a complete teaching tutorial and handbook, complete with live examples and templates you can copy for your own models. Learn to build, analyze, and present the model for cost/benefit estimates and business case scenarios. Learn in the shortest possible time!

At the heart of every serious cost/benefit estimate lies a financial model. The model is the vehicle for making cost and benefit impacts concrete, for analyzing cash flow, and for recommending action. The model:

As a result, the case for choosing one action over another is made with the financial model, and without it, the case all but disappears.

A Practical Step-by-Step Guide

Nevertheless, the practical steps in model building are rarely taught or explained in clear, easy-to-follow form. This is a serious problem for those who must develop support for projects, programs, acquisitions, or major actions, but who have little or no background in finance and only basic spreadsheet skills. Yet they must produce cost/benefit estimates or a solid business case with a professional quality financial model in a very few days or weeks.

You may be in this position, or you may have many years of business case experience and still need answers to questions like these:

Tutorial, Handbook, Working Templates

For business people facing such questions, Solution Matrix Ltd. announces a new, expanded version of the popular ebook, Financial Modeling Pro V4™.  Designed in the same tradition as the best-selling companion tool, Financial Metrics Pro, Financial Modeling Pro is

Begin building your own modeling system as soon as you begin working with Financial Modeling Pro. Move step by step through Modeling Pro to complete your model.  Because you are working in a live spreadsheet environment, you can try out examples as you read about them. And, you can test template components before adding them to your own models.

The Influence Diagram: Snapshot of Your Model

Financial Modeling Pro presents influence diagramming, a simple visual technique for illustrating the structure of spreadsheet formulas and models.

 Build to An Architecture

Modeling Pro illustrates simple and complex model architecture with clear, easy to understand images.

Use Your Model for Risk and Sensitivity Analysis

Financial Modeling pro shows how to use your model for risk analysis, using Monte Carlo simulation. The example shows a 90% confidence interval estimate for net cash flow, based on simulation with a dynamic financial model:.

What’s In Modeling Pro 4th Edition?

Financial Modeling Pro works best with Microsoft Excel for Macintosh or Windows PCs.

About the author, Marty Schmidt
President, Solution Matrix Ltd.

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