Clear the Hurdle—Or Forget About Funding Your Proposal

Your Proposal Must Clear the Hurdle--or Forget About Funding

Your funding request must pass the hurdle rate test—or you can forget about funding and approval! Learn how to get in shape for the financial hurdle rate event, and how to ensure you pass the test: See “How to Compete and win the Financial Hurdle Test in Six Steps.” Learn why passing the hurdle test takes more than a simple calculation.
In business today, almost everyone seeking funding approval faces an initial screening test known as the hurdle rate. Project managers, IT directors, department heads, consultants, analysts, business developers, budget directors, asset managers, investors, finance officers, strategic planners, salespeople, marketers, and entrepreneurs seeking funding–succeed or fail at the the hurdle event.
Most proposals that fail the hurdle test actually bring a rate of return to the event that exceeds the target hurdle rate. They fail anyway, because CFOs, PMO officers, and Review Committee leaders simply do not believe the proposal will deliver returns at the promised rate.
Learn how to build a proposal that clears the hurdle, and convinces the judges that the returns are real. Start at

Author: Marty Schmidt

Marty Schmidt is Founder and President of Solution Matrix Limited, a Boston-based firm specializing in Business Case Analysis. Dr. Schmidt leads the firm's Management Consulting, Publishing, and Professional Training activities. He holds the M.B.A degree from Babson College and a Ph.D. from Purdue University.