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Business Case Essentials

The Best-Selling Business Case Authority in Print

The concise, complete introduction to business case content and structure. "Essentials" is written for those who must learn case building quickly—those who must deliver a compelling professional quality case in the shortest possible time.

Essentials is a complete, concise guide to what belongs in your case and why. First published as a white paper in 1998 and expanded regularly since then, Business Case Essentials is now the most frequently cited business case authority in print.

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Business Case
Templates 2019

Sometimes, a back-of-the-envelope ROI just won't do. Sometimes you need a real business case!

The Templates 2019 package will help you build a professional quality case quickly and easily, free of uncertainty about case structure and content. Completing one of the Word templates and its companion Excel model delivers a complete case report, ready for review. Your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, business analysts, and skeptics in senior management.

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The Business Case Guide

Everything You Need to Know About the Business Case!

The Business Case Guide leads you step-by-step to professional quality business case results. Build your case in the 6D Business Case Framework, the practical, structured approach known as the industry standard by organizations such as Ericsson, Cisco Systems, and the US Department of Defense.

Written with the depth and detail that finance and businessplanning professionals require, the Guide is also rich in practical help and examples for those with little or no background in those areas. Since its first edition in 1999, the Guide provides the authoritative source for those who build the business case.

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Financial Metrics Pro

Featuring the Analyst Workbench and Chairman's View

Financial Metrics Pro is a handbook, tutorial, and templates system that meets the needs of first-time analysts as well as those with extensive backgrounds in business analysis, finance, and accounting. Learn how to analyze cash flow and financial statement data with the same metrics that professional analysts, investors, and financial experts trust. Metrics Pro includes:

  • Complete cash flow metrics, including IRR, NPV, ROI, CAGR, Breakeven, and Payback.
  • Comprehensive coverage of financial statement metrics (ratios), including Current Ratio, Inventory Turns, Return on Assets, and Earnings per Share.
  • Metrics explained in context with detailed financial statements.
  • A¬†complete working Du Pont System analysis linked to the same statements.
  • Live working examples and templates for 160 essential metrics.
  • New in 4th Edition:¬†Analyst Workbench and Chairman's View.
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Financial Modeling Pro

The Living Model Makes Your Case!

Financial Modeling Pro provides an easy to use, step-by-step tutorial for building the financial model for cost and benefit estimates and business case scenarios to "make" your case. Try out and modify examples as you read about them.

Modeling Pro assumes no prior background in finance and only very basic MS Excel Skills. The package includes simple and complex example models, representing a wide range of business case situations. Example models and templates adapt easily for your models.

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Project Progress Pro

Project Tracking With Process Control!

When projects absolutely must finish on time, Project Progress Pro 2015 gives managers the control they need:

  • Early warning of a likely late or early finish
  • Up-to-the-minute comparisons of project plans with actual progress
  • Visual updates on schedule gains and losses, easily understood by everyone
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Master Case Builder Package 490

  • Business Case Essentials, 5th Ed
  • Business Case Guide, 3rd Ed
  • Business Case Templates 2019
  • Financial Metrics Pro, 4th Ed
  • Financial Modeling Pro, 4th Ed

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Case Builder Package 340

  • Business Case Templates 2019
  • Business Case Essentials, 4th Ed
  • Financial Modeling Pro, 4th Ed

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Project Manager Master Package 890

  • Project Progress Pro, 4th Ed
  • Business Case Essentials, 5th Ed
  • Business Case Guide, 3rd Ed
  • Business Case Templates 2019
  • Financial Metrics Pro, 4th Ed
  • Financial Modeling Pro, 4th Ed

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