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Building the Business Case
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The case that you deliver must score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value for decision makers and planners. Reaching these objectives begins by understanding that numbers alone do not make the case.

6D Business Case Framework, 6 stages

How you design, develop, and present the case is as important as the figures you project. This principle runs underlies all phases of the proven approach that we call 6D Business Case Framework™. This is the same structured approach presented in our best-selling books Business Case Essentials and the Business Case Guide.

Over the last decade we have helped hundreds of individuals and organizations use the 6D Framework to obtain solid, practical answers to questions like these:

  • How long will it take for a new enterprise resource planning system to "pay for itself"?
  • How do we put our capital review process into a business case framework?
  • How do we know there is a profitable business for all partners in the proposed alliance?

Drawing on 20+ years of experience in a wide range of industries and business issues, the Solution Matrix business case framework and approach are recognized worldwide as the standard in business, governments, and other organizations. For those with specific decision support and planning needs, we offer the Business Case Solution™, a structured, collaborative, case-building project, designed to deliver the highest quality business case results in the shortest possible time.

Solution Matrix Ltd. delivers the business case solutions with a focus on decision making and planning issues in six areas:

  • Business Investment Decisions
    Most important business decisions are investment decisions, in one way or another.
  • Strategic Business Planning 
    Strategic planners have a special responsibility to identify risks, measure uncertainty, and show why the chosen course is best. 
  • Alliances and Partners.
    Alliances usually succeed or fail depending on the partners' ability to address some hard questions before starting off together.
  • IT justification
    Justifying information technology (IT) actions or acquisitions in a complex business environment can be a serious challenge.
  • Sales and Sales Support
    Major sales close, increasingly, only when customers believe they are making a good business decision.
  • Emerging Technologies
    Emerging technologies face a host of concerns: Security. Scalability. Reliability. Not to mention this: "Why fix something that isn’t broken?"

To discuss your own business case needs and to learn what we can accomplish together with the 6D Business Case Framework Please contact  Solution Matrix Ltd:

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