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Financial Metrics Handbook, Tutorial, Templates, and Best Practice Guide

Metrics Pro
Know that you are usiing the right metrics in the right way..

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Fourth Edition, 2019, ISBN 9781929500079, Published by Solution Matrix Ltd, Excel-based App. US$ 49
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It's All About Time! Saving Your Time, That Is!

The Financial Metrics Pro™ system is easy to use. Metrics Pro saves you hours or days of tedious spreadsheet programming while reducing the risk of errors. The Excel-based Ebook serves as:

Comprehensive Handbook

Look-up reference for over 160 individual cash flow and financial statement metrics (business ratios). Each metric description covers

  • The Mathematical Definition
  • Spreadsheet Usage
  • Input Data & Formatting.
  • Meaning & Interpretation
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Common Usage Errors

Simple Break-Even

Q = F / ( P – V)

Q = Break-even quantity
F = Total fixed costs
V = Variable cost per unit
P = Unit selling price inflow

Compare Excel formulas to mathematicl definitions.

Cash Flow Metrics Reference

Analyze investment outcomes and business case cash flow with the mainstream metrics that professional analysts, investors, and financial officers depend on. Learn by trying out working examples of NPV, IRR, CAGR, ROI, break-even, and many more.

Metrics Pro now features the Analyst Workbench for your data—comprehensive cash flow analysis with 10 core metrics, reported on one page.

Financial Statement Ratios and Metrics Reference

Metrics Pro includes detail-level examples of company financial statements and multi-year comparisons: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, SCFP, and Retained Earnings. Financial statements link to template examples for 6 kinds of metrics and ratios. Detailed templates show how best to measure and report profitability, liquidity, activity, growth, and valuation. And, Metrics Pro includes a complete working Du Pont System analysis linked to the same statements.

Metrics Pro V4 also features the Chairman's View, a comprehensive multi-year analysis of company financial performance, financial position, and growth.

Teaching Tutorial

Financial Metrics Pro is also a comprehensive textbook that builds metrics understanding and confidence rapidly. First-time analysts quickly take command of IRR, NPV, Working Capital, and 160+ other mainstream metrics.

Templates Library

Try out and modify working Excel templates. Then transfer the working examples to your own spreadsheet models.

What's New in the Fourth Edition?

Simple Break Even Analysis Illustrated

Visualize your metrics message with eye-catching charts. Learn professional methods for showing metrics results.

The new 4th Edition includes the features and content above plus:

Clear Coverage for Difficult Metrics

Expanded in-depth coverage of metrics that are often difficult to understand, interpret, or use correctly. These include

  • Cash flow metrics including internal rate of return IRR, return on investment ROI, payback period, net present value NPV and break even point.
  • Financial statement ratios such as  "earnings-before" metrics, return on assets (ROA), and leverage metrics.

The Analyst's Workbench

Enter your cash flow data and receive a comprehensive one-page report including

  • Net cash flow, cumulative cash flow, and net present value NPV. Workbench reports these as figures, bar charts, line charts, and scatterplots.
  • Other cash flow metrics such as Return on investment ROI, payback period, internal rate of return IRR, modified internal rate of return MIRR, and cumulative average growth rate CAGR.

The Chairman's View

Enter financial statement figures from any company's financial reports and receive a complete financial statement analysis on one-page. Chairman's View reports in-depth and in detail on company liquidity, activity, leverage, profitability, and valuation. Also, enter up to ten years of financial data and visualize a complete multi-year analysis of metrics growth patterns.

What's in the Financial Metrics Pro Package?

Financial Metrics Pro ships as a single MS Excel workbook template with 26 worksheets (.xltx file). You can unlock Metrics Pro worksheets without a password, modify as necessary, copy, and paste into your spreadsheets.

Financial Metrics Pro works best with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Apple Macintosh and MS Windows PCs.

Marty Schmidt, President, Solution Matrix Ltd

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