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The Business Case is No Longer Optional. Be Prepared!

Since 2008, Solution Matrix Ltd has helped more than 100 business, government, and non-profit organizations, reach their business case training objectives through onsite, in-house seminars. When there is a need to equip 5 or more business professionals with state-of-the-art case-building skills, in-house seminars can be a fast, effective, and affordable training solution.

Training objectives, content, and agendas for the in-house seminars are similar to those from the open, public versions of Building the Business Case and Business Case Master Class seminars. Participants take command of the Solution Matrix 6D Case Development Framework, recognized by companies and governments worldwide as the Business Case Standard.

Business Case Master Class seminars are tailored to fit the backgrounds and immediate business needs of host organization participants. Participants work with case studies and practical exercises representing budgeting, planning, and decision support in their own organization.


Two and Three Day Seminars Onsite

Onsite business case seminars are scheduled for either 2 or 3 days.

The two-day offering meets the needs of those wishing to establish strong business case competencyin the organization and prepare individuals to design, build, and deliver a professional quality business case on their own.

The three-day offering is recommended for those now engaged in business case work for budgeting, proposing, and planning. The third day emphasizes practical case building and analysis with actual business case projects to be delivered soon.


Who Should Attend

Since1994, Solution Matrix Ltd. has helped thousands of business people and others to understand the essentials and deliver case results that score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value. Business Case Master Classes are designed for

  • Project managers, project portfolio managers, and Project Management Office (PMO) officers.
  • Product managers and those who manage product portfolios.
  • IT managers who receive and evaluate IT service requests or support IT funding proposals with financial justification.
  • Financial officers who need to raise case building competency levels throughout their organizations.
  • Managers at all levels with a need to bring consistency, discipline, and accountability to decision making and planning in their organizations.
  • Consultants and contractors who work with government organizations.
  • Business and government people responsible for capital spending decisions.
  • Salespeople, sales managers, and those in marketing who need to show customers that a decision to buy is a good business decision.
  • Business school faculty who specialize in finance, budgeting, decision support, or business strategy and planning.

After each Business Case Master Class seminar, successful participants receive a certificate affirming successful completion of professional and university level business training. This training is recognized and accredited by a very wide range of professional and management organizations in business areas that include project management, business analysis, product management, information technology, accounting, sales, marketing, and finance.


2018 Onsite Seminar Pricing

Onsite seminars are offered at the following prices:

Training Fees US$ Participants
5-12 13-20
Two-day seminar    $10,500 $12,500 $17,000
Three-day seminar    $12,500 $17,400 $21,800

Onsite training is priced at a flat rate for each training seminar, for participant groups in the size ranges shown. These fees include:

  • Course preparation and course delivery onsite. Solution Matrix Limited may propose providing either one or two instructors.
  • 90 days of post-training follow up support and work-in-progress critiquing by phone and e-mail for all participants.
  • Resources furnished to each participant by internet download two weeks before the first scheduled training day: Business Case Essentials (PDF Ebook), Business Case Templates package, and Financial Metrics Pro (See resources descriptions below).

Solution Matrix Limited will also invoice the host organization for instructor travel expenses and 2-3 days living expenses. Travel charges will be pre-approved by the host organization and conform to the organization's travel expense guidelines.


Take Action! Request a Proposal

Requesting a proposal for onsite training is easy and risk free! Request a training proposal by writing Solution Matrix Limited with the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Your position or title.
  • Your e-mail address and phone number.
  • The sponsoring company or organization and its address.
  • The proposed training venue (location, city).
  • The number of training participants.
  • Your preference for a 2-day or 3-day training.
  • Your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preferences for training dates.
  • Any other information important for your proposal.

Send a Request for Training Proposalto [email protected]. Solution Matrix Ltd will respond by e-mail with a formal training proposal including:

  • Training dates and training venue.
  • Specific training objectives and course content.
  • Instructor biography and training credentials.
  • Responsibilities of host organization for course preparation and delivery.
  • Responsibilities of Solution Matrix Limited for course preparation and delivery.
  • Fees and expenses to be paid by host organization.
  • Summary of business case resources provided by Solution Matrix Limited to individual participants (books, templates, spreadsheet software, and documents).

The Ball is in Your Court!

Upon receipt you may:

  • Take no further action and allow the proposal to expire.
  • Request an updated version with specific changes.
  • Accept the proposal by signing and returning the document to Solution Matrix Ltd.