Do Vendor ROI and TCO Prove Value for Money?

Captain’s Log, Entry 8034.3The internet is awash with sellers asking you to believe their own ROI figures. You know this very well if you are currently shopping for costly assets. Vendors know that many customers believe ROI and TCO prove value for money in purchase decisions for large IT systems, vehicles, production machines, and lab equipment.  Should you believe the vendor’s predictions? The answer is “Yes” only if you can trust them.

Vendor-produced ROI figures are also center-stage when sellers submit customer ROI and TCO figures along with the sales proposal. Many vendors seem to believe that sale closing will follow faster when they show customers the attractive ROI and TCO results they can expect. Continue reading “Do Vendor ROI and TCO Prove Value for Money?”

How to Make the Case for Your Business Case

Captain’s Log, Entry 7833.3How long should a business case analysis take? How much labor does the case require?  Those involved in doing the work and their managers naturally want to know: Is it worth the time and labor it takes to build and deliver them? In brief, Is there a case for your business case?

A serious business case analysis may require serious project effort, especially when the subject of the case has major impacts in a complex business environment, and when the subject has not been analyzed before. Participants in our say that professional labor requirements can easily range anywhere from several person-days at the low end to several person weeks on the high end. Continue reading “How to Make the Case for Your Business Case”

Did the Business Case Fail? Know What Went Wrong

Captain’s Log, Entry 8186.1 — Why did the business case fail? It may predict excellent results yet still fail to “make the case.” Everyone asks: Why did the Business Case Fail? 

In our business case seminars, we see project managers, IT directors, salespeople, and others who have just had a painful experience: Their business case analysis failed.

Some of them predicted great cash flow, high ROI, and short payback, but still got a thumbs down from top leaders. Continue reading “Did the Business Case Fail? Know What Went Wrong”