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Solution Matrix Ltd. is a business management consulting and publishing firm dedicated to helping executives, managers, consultants, and other professionals understand the impact of management actions on business performance. Clients include individuals and organizations on five continents, in business, government, education, the military, and non-profit organizations.

Our primary objectives are to help clients meet decision support and planning needs through high quality business case analysis and to help them establish business case skills and resources in their own organizations.

Solution Matrix Ltd was founded in Boston, in 1994, by Marty Schmidt.


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Solution Matrix Limited is an S-type corporation, incorporated in the United States of America, in Delaware (1994), under Certificate of Incorporation 944200647-2389562.
The company operates from its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts doing business under Foreign Corporation Certificate 467876 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1994). The company's Dun & Bradstreet Number is 964931414.

Solution Matrix Ltd. is a registered United States Government contractor in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database, CAGE code IQXP6.

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Solution Matrix Ltd clients for consulting Services and professional training include companies and organizations in private industry, governments, and nonprofit organizations.

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