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The business case is no longer optional

Business people today are rapidly losing tolerance for management error. They are also demanding real accountability for decisions and plans. And, everywhere, the competition for scarce funds is increasing.

It is no surprise that many organizations now require a business case to support proposals for projects, products, investments, and capital acquisitions.

As a result, those with proven expertise in case building and risk management are rare and in high demand. They have a strong advantage over their professional colleagues in project management, product management, asset management, finance, strategic planning, corporate governance—and the job search.


Business Case Master Class: The Premier Course For All Who Build the Business Case.

Master the Solution Matrix 6D Case Building FrameworkTM in three days of hands-on training. Learn to design, build, and deliver a professional quality business case—know that your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, analysts, and skeptical managers.

Master Class participants join more than 18,000 professionals on six continents who have successfully completed the premier business case seminar.

  • Enhance your resumé with in-demand skills and expertise!
  • Qualify for professional continuing education and certification credit!
  • Download case building books and software as soon as you register!
  • Bring your own case-building project to class—leave with it 95% completed.

For more information on seminar content, schedule, and registration, visit the seminar pages linked below. Note especially that enrollment is strictly limited to 15 participants for each session. As a result, offerings of these seminars are normally sold out well in advance.

Where You Learn Case Building Matters!

The business case addresses questions like this: "What happens if we take this, or that action?" The business case answers in business terms: business costs, business benefits, and business risks. Decision makers and planners rely on solid business case analysis for building the understanding and confidence they need to take action.

Buyer Beware!

The internet today is awash with "business case" training courses designed to help you answer the "What happens?" question. Most of them simply present methods for making a few cost and revenue forecasts. However, to score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value, a business case must address other questions as well: "What changes follow from the action? By how much? What is the likelihood we actually see the projected results? Can we expect significant non-financial impacts? And, which risks should we know about? Business case proof is compelling and defensible only when case-builders address all the questions.

Nevertheless, most "business case" courses and books are blind to this need and simply cannot teach you how to build credible answers for most of these questions. Case-builders beware! In business today, real-world managers ask all the questions and they expect answers they can trust.

Uniquely Successful Approach

Our Master Class seminars and best-selling business case products will teach you to build your case by the same principles of evidence and reasoning that bring decisive proof in the courtroom and the science lab. Our approach is unique and proven highly successful.

Former participants worldwide report unmatched success meeting the full range of real-world business case information needs with the skills learned in the Business Case Master Classs.


Open Seminars
Offered this year in New York City, Washington DC, and London


by Solution Matrix Ltd

Join the premier business case seminars in Manhattan.
Next offering with availability
Building the Business Case Master Class
3 days, US $2,475: 9-11 January 2019  

: Hilton Times Sq, New York NY USA

See the NYC seminar page for all dates, availability, and registration.


by Solution Matrix Ltd

Join the next 3-day offering adjacent to the US Capitol.
Next offering with availability:
Building the Business Case Master Class,
3 days, US $2,475: 12-14 December 2018
: Hilton Springfield, Springfield VA USA

See the Washington DC seminar page for all dates, availability, and registration.


by Solution Matrix Ltd.

Join us for the seminar at Trafalgar Square, London.
Next offering with availability:
Building the Business Case Master Class
3 days, UK £1,910 or US $2,475:  
16-18 January 2018 

See the London seminar page for all dates, availability, and registration.


In-House Seminars
Onsite Delivery to Organizations Worldwide


The Cost Effective Solution for Your Professional Training Needs

Join more than 100 industry, government, and non-profit organizations on five continents already benefitting from onsite training. Onsite seminars include 2- and 3-day offerings of Building the Business Case and Business Case Master class, tailored to meet training objectives and case building needs of the host organization.

In-house seminars are a cost-effective solution for organizations needing to equip 5 or more professionals with premier business case skills. For more information, prices, current training clients, and a form to submit requesting a formal training proposal, please visit:

Solution Matrix Ltd In-House Seminars