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Building the Business Case
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Business case delivers compelling reasoning and cost and revenue forecasts

Learn how to create business case results with cash flow projections, financial metrics, and tactical advice for actions and investments. Turn results into convincing proof with a compelling business case rationale. Be ready for the questions on everyone's mind: Is your proposal the best business decision? Will we really see these results?

The business case is no longer optional

Businesspeople everywhere have a rapidly shrinking tolerance for management error. They also demand real accountability for decisions and plans. And, everywhere, the competition for scarce funds is increasing.

No surprise, many organizations now require business case support for project, product, investment, and capital acquisition proposals.

Businesspeople today with proven expertise in building cases and managing risk are rare and in high demand. They know they have the advantage over professional colleagues and competitors in project management, product management, asset management, finance, strategic planning, corporate governance—and the job search.

Business Case Master Class
The Premier Professional Seminar

Master the Solution Matrix 6D Case Building FrameworkTM in three days of vital hands-on training. Learn to design, build, and deliver a professional quality business case. Know that your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, analysts, and skeptical managers.

Master Class participants join more than 18,000 professionals on six continents who have completed the premier business case seminar.

  • Enhance your resumé with in-demand skills and expertise!
  • Qualify for professional continuing education and certification credit!
  • Download case building books and software as soon as you register!
  • Bring your own case-building project to class—leave with it 95% completed.

For more information on seminar content, schedule, and registration, visit the seminar page links below.

Maximum class size for each session is 24 participants.This size ensures that everyone has essential instructor attention and discussion time while benefitting from the experience and needs of classmates from other sectors, industries, and government. Register early to ensure your place in class!

Where You Learn Case Building Matters!

The business case addresses questions like this: "What happens if we take this, or that action?" The case answers in business terms: business costs, business benefits, and business risks. Decision makers and planners rely on solid business case analysis for building the understanding and confidence they need to take action.

Buyer Beware!

The internet today is awash with books, training, and templates promising to help you answer the "What happens?" question. Most simply suggest a few cost and revenue forecasts for your proposed action or investment. However, revenue and cost forecasts alone make a weak business case.

To achieve credibility, accuracy, and practical value in real-world business, however, the case must address other questions as well: Is funding your proposal a good business decision? Will we really see these results? Can we expect significant non-financial impacts? And, which risks should we know about? Business case proof is compelling and defensible only when case-builders address all the questions.

Nevertheless, most "business case" courses and books are blind to this need and cannot teach you how to answer such questions credibly. Case builder beware! In business today, real-world managers ask all the questions and they expect answers they can trust.

Uniquely Successful Approach

Our Master Class seminars and best-selling business case products will teach you to build your case by the same principles of evidence and reasoning that bring decisive proof in the courtroom and the science lab. Our approach is unique and proven highly successful.

Former participants worldwide report unmatched success meeting the full range of real-world business case information needs with the skills learned in the Business Case Master Class.

Open Seminars in New York City, Washington DC, London

by Solution Matrix Ltd

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Building the Business Case Master Class
3 days, US$ 2,475: 6-8 Nov 2019  Wed - Fri

: Hilton Times Sq, New York NY USA

See the NYC seminar page for all dates, availability, and registration.


by Solution Matrix Ltd.

Join us for the seminar at Trafalgar Square, London.
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Building the Business Case Master Class
3 days, UK £1,910 or US$ 2,475:  
16-18 January 2020 Wed&ndashFri 

See the London seminar page for all dates, venue, and registration.


by Solution Matrix Ltd

Join the next 3-day offering adjacent to the US Capitol.
Next offering with availability:
Building the Business Case Master Class,
3 days, US$ 2,475,  13-15 November 2019, Wed–Fri
: Hilton Springfield, Springfield VA USA

See the Washington DC seminar page for all dates, availability, and registration.

In-House Seminars Onsite Delivery Worldwide

The Cost Effective Solution for Your Professional Training Needs

Join more than 100 industry, government, and non-profit organizations on five continents already benefitting from onsite training. Onsite seminars include 2- and 3-day offerings of Building the Business Case and Business Case Master class, tailored to meet training objectives and case building needs of the host organization.

In-house seminars are a cost-effective solution for organizations needing to equip 5 or more professionals with premier business case skills. For more information, prices, current training clients, and a form to submit requesting a formal training proposal, please visit:

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Master Class
Participants Respond

"Well done! As a former student, let me be candid, Dr Schmidt is a master of the Business Case. His 2-3 day workshops are truly unbeatable...highly recommended for any serious business advisor, analyst or consultant.

Bob Pierce, Senior Managing Partner at, Boston MA , USA

I attended the Business Case Seminar with Marty (Solution Matrix) in London and am pleased to say that it was a very useful course for business case building and management. Marty has loads of experience and a great and efficient way of presenting the knowledge. Highly recommended.

Iveta Kuijpers-Dimova, Client Services Director, Trans Europe Brands & Borders, Utrecht, Netherlands.

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Business Case Guide


Clear, practical, in-depth coverage of the case-building process and cost-benefit methods. The standard source for industry, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Clear, practical, in-depth coverage of the case-building process and cost-benefit methods. The standard source for industry, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide.

The BC Guide. Everything You Need to Know About the Business Case.

Business Case Essentials


The complete, concise guide to what belongs in your case and why. The trusted authority on business case analysis gives clear, practical, step-by-step guidance.

BC Essentials—The best selling case-building guide in print!

Business Case Templates


Integrated Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Template system will guide you to successful case quickly and easily.

Templates 2019—Sometimes you need a real business case!

Financial Modeling Pro


A complete tutorial on building financial models for estimating costs, benefits, and business case results. Live examples and templates for your models.

Modeling Pro—The Living Model Makes Your Case!

Financial Metrics Pro

Metrics Pro

Handbook, textbook, and live templates in one Excel system. Complete usage and implementation of ROI, IRR, Working capital, EPS, and 150+ more cash flow and financial statement metrics.

Metrics Pro Features the Analyst Workbench & Chairman's View.


Substitutions may be made at any time up to the start of the Business Case Master Class Seminar. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you register for one of our seminars, participate in the seminar, and and participate in one of our seminars, and are not completely satisfied with Building the Business Case Master Class, please let us know in writing within 15 days after your final scheduled class date you registered for, and request a 100% refund of your seminar fee.

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