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Next London Offering:  Wednesday – Friday 20-22 March 2024
Where: Hilton Trafalgar Square, 2 Spring Gardens, London UK

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Join Us in London For the Next Master Class

Join us at London Trafalgar Square for the premier business case seminar "Business Case Master Class".

Master the Solution Matrix 6D Case Building FrameworkTM in three days of vital hands-on training. Learn to design, build, and deliver a professional quality business case. Know that your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, analysts, and skeptical managers.

Master Class participants join more than 18,000 professionals on five continents who have completed the premier business case seminar.

  • Enhance your resumé with in-demand skills and expertise.
  • Qualify for professional continuing education and certification credit.
  • Download case-building books and software as soon as you register.
  • Bring your current case-building project to class—leave with it 95% completed.

Maximum class size for each session is 20 participants.

The Business Case is No Longer Optional

Businesspeople everywhere are losing tolerance for management error and demanding real accountability for actions and decisions. And, everywhere, the competition for scarce funds is increasing.
Business Case Master Class customized for organisation and delivered on site
Every Business Case Master Class seminar is tailored to fit the backgrounds and immediate business needs of participants.
No surprise, many organisations now require business case support for budget proposals, projects, product plans, capital acquisitions, and business investments of all kinds.

Join us in the Business Case Master Class and learn how to deliver compelling case results with cash flow projections, financial metrics, and valuable tactical advice for choosing actions and investments. Learn how to turn case results into convincing proof with a bulletproof business case rationale. Be ready for the questions on everyone's mind: Is your proposal the best business decision? Will we really see these results?

Advance Your Career

Businesspeople today with proven expertise in managing risk and delivering solid business case results, are rare and in high demand.

Gain the advantage over professional colleagues and competitors—and the job search.

Where You Learn Case Building Matters!

Business Case Delivers Cash Flow Forecasts, financial tactics, confidence, and business case proof

Learn how to Deliver the business case results that decision-makers expect.

The business case addresses questions like this: "What happens if we take this or that action?" The case answers in business terms: business costs, business benefits, and business risks.

Decision makers and planners rely on solid business case analysis for building the understanding and confidence they need to take action.

Buyer Beware!

The internet today is awash with books, training, and templates promising to help you answer the "What happens?" question. Most merely suggest a few cost and revenue forecasts for your proposed action or investment. However, revenue and cost forecasts alone make a weak business case.

To achieve credibility, accuracy, and practical value in real-world business, however, the case must deliver clear answers to other questions as well: Is funding your proposal a good business decision? Will we really see these results? Can we expect significant nonfinancial impacts? And, which risks should we know about? Case builder beware! In business today, real-world managers ask all the questions, and they expect answers they can trust.

In the Master Class Seminar you will learn and apply the same principles of evidence and reasoning that bring decisive proof in the courtroom and the science lab. Our approach is unique and proven highly successful.

Who Should Attend

Join 18,000 successful professionals who have completed Solution Matrix Ltd seminars. Business Case Master Class is ideal for

  • Project managers and PMO officers.
  • Product managers, product portfolio managers.
  • IT managers who receive service proposals or request IT funding.
  • Financial officers responsible for business case competency in their organisations.
  • Consultants and contractors working with governments.
  • Professionals responsible for capital spending.
  • Sales professionals who "make the case" for sales proposals.
  • Marketers who communicate business value for their solutions.

Seminar Certificate

Successful participants receive a certificate certifying completion of 24 classroom hours of professional and university-level business training. The certificate also affirms demonstrated skills in business finance, financial modeling, and business case reasoning.

Business Case Master Class is recognised and accredited by professional organisations in areas that include general management, business analysis, project management, product management, information technology, accounting, sales, marketing, and finance.

Small Classes, Customized Case Study Workshops

Participants in Master Class Seminar

Maximum class size for each Master Class is 20 participants. This size ensures that everyone has essential instructor attention and discussion time while benefiting from the experience and needs of classmates from other sectors, industries, and government.

Solution Matrix seminars feature hands-on workshops with case-study examples that represent each participant's workplace. Many participants bring to the workshops real case projects they will deliver soon on the job.

Seminar classes fill quickly. Register early to ensure your place in class!

What You Will Learn

Participants in Solution Matrix seminars master the Solution Matrix 6D Framework. This framework is the same proven approach we have helped establish for companies and governments on six continents.

With the 6D Framework, participants Learn:

  • Which building blocks are essential for every business case.
  • The rationale that helps prove that a chosen action is the better business decision.
  • Key differences between a strong case and a weak case.
  • Special requirements for the government, military, or non-profit case.
  • how to build in credibility as you build the case.
  • How to legitimize and value all business benefits—even the so-called "intangibles."
  • Financial metrics for business case results (NPV, ROI, IRR, and Payback Period).
  • Packaging and presenting case results for maximum impact.
  • Monte Carlo simulation for asking "What If?" questions, measuring risk, and reducing uncertainty in case results.

Master Class Seminar Leader

Marty Schmidt, President, Solution Matrix Ltd

Marty J. Schmidt, President and Founder of Solution Matrix Ltd, leads the Master Class seminars.

Dr Schmidt has thirty years business experience managing software development, international marketing, sales support, and management consulting on business issues. He is recognised internationally as an authority on cost/benefit analysis and business case development.

Dr Schmidt has taught graduate and undergraduate statistics at the University of New Hampshire, is the author of a college textbook on statistics and publishes often on professional management and business issues. He holds the PhD degree from Purdue University and the MBA from Babson College.

Seminar Fee

Business Case Master Class participants

Business Case Master Class (3 days)
UK£ 2,050 or US$ 2,495

Register online with the link below to complete your enrollment and reserve your place in class.

Seminar Fee Includes

  • Business Case Master Class classroom training (3 days).
  • Course slides, demonstration software, templates, and worksheets for practical exercises.
  • Case-building books and software. Participants receive The Business Case Guide, Business Case Essentials, Financial Metrics Pro, Financial Modeling Pro, and the Business Case Templates package. Download your copies immediately when you register.
  • Professional Achievement Certificate by Solution Matrix Ltd.

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Next London Offering:  Wednesday – Friday 20-22 March 2024
Where: Hilton Trafalgar Square, 2 Spring Gardens, London UK

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Register for London now to guarantee your place in class!
Registration Fee UK£ 2,050 or US$ 2,495


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Bring the Business Case Master Class On Site

In-house seminars are a cost-effective solution for organisations needing to equip 5 or more professionals with state-of-the-art business case skills. For more information, prices, current training clients, and a form to submit requesting a formal training proposal, please visit:

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