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Building the Business Case
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The Business Case Guide

Written with the depth and detail that finance and business planning professionals require, the Guide is also rich in practical help and examples for those with little or no background in those areas. The latest edition of the Business Case Guide provides clear, practical answers to questions like these:

  • What is the first step in my case building project?
  • What does management want to see in my business case results?
  • How do I build-in case credibility, accuracy, and practical value?
  • How do I prove that my recommendation is a good business decision?

The Business Case Guide leads you step-by-step to professional quality business case results. Build the6D Business Case FrameworkTM,the practical, structured approach that business people everywhere know as the industry standard.

  • First, Define the case.
  • Second, Design the case.
  • Third, Develop the case.
  • Fourth, Decide the case.
  • Fifth, Deploy the case.
  • Sixth, Deliver the case.

The 6D structure helps you build and communicate the reasoning—the rationale—that "makes your case." The 6D Framework, firstly, outlines your case building process. Each stage, however, results in a report section with the same name. As a result, the 6D structure also outlines your business case report.

When report structure mirrors process structure, case readers travel the same logical path the case builder has just traveled. Cases built this way survive critical scrutiny, provide useful guidance, and predict what happens

Real World Business Demands a Real Business Case


Business case results include cash flow forecasts, financial metrics, and tactical advice for actions and investments. A compelling rationale turns business case results into definitive business case proof. Case builders must prepare for the questions on everyone's mind: Is your proposal the best business decision? Will we really see these results?

The business case addresses questions like this: "What happens if we take this or that action?" The case answers in business terms: business costs, business benefits, and business risks. Decision makers and planners rely on solid business case analysis for building the understanding and confidence they need to take action.

Buyer Beware!

The internet today is awash with books, training, and templates promising to help you answer the "What happens?" question. Most merely suggest a few cost and revenue forecasts for your proposed action or investment. However, revenue and cost forecasts alone make a weak business case.

To achieve credibility, accuracy, and practical value in real-world business, however, the case must deliver clear answers to other questions as well: Is funding your proposal a good business decision? Will we really see these results? Can we expect significant non-financial impacts? And, which risks should we know about? Business case proof is compelling and defensible only when Case builders address all the questions.

Nevertheless, most case building resources on the market are blind to this need and cannot produce credible answers for such questions. Case builder beware! In business today, real-world managers ask all the questions, and they expect answers they can trust.

Uniquely Successful Approach

Our best-selling products, Business Case Guide, Business Case Essentials, and Business Case Templates guide case builders by the same principles of evidence and reasoning that bring decisive outcomes in the courtroom and the science lab. Our approach is unique and proven highly successful.

Astute professionals worldwide report unmatched success meeting the full range of real-world business case information needs with the Business Case Guide.

The Guide is the authoritative resource for the 6D Framework, the same case building approach we deliver to companies and organizations including ABB, BP, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, IBM, McDonald's, Microsoft, NASA, NSA, Royal Bank of Canada, US Department of Defense, SAP, and others. TheGuide delivers proven benefits for case builders and their organizations:

  • Consistency from case to case means less case building time and effort, and more confidence in case results.
  • Non-financial professionals can communicate business value to financial specialists.
  • Compare competing proposals fairly and evaluate by the same measures.
  • Meet business and government accountability needs.
  • Missed opportunities and costly mistakes are fewer.
Marty Schmidt, President, Solution Matrix Ltd

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