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Design, Build, and Deliver a Compelling Business Case

Solution Matrix Ltd. Since 1994, the Leading Authority on Business Case Analysis.

The business case you deliver must score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value. 

Return on investment cash flow stream: maximize ROI with increased gains and reduced costsBusiness case results include cash flow projections and practical guidance for managing actions, decisions, and investments.

Reaching those objectives begins by understanding that numbers alone do not make the case. How you design, develop, and deliver the case is as important as the return on investment (ROI) and other figures you project.

Since 1994 Solution Matrix Limited has helped thousands of individuals and organizations answer questions like these:

  • How do I support my program proposal with a strong, effective cost-benefit analysis?
  • The Project Management Office wants financial justification for funding proposals. What are they looking for?
  • How do we measure return on investment (ROI) for products? For marketing expenditures? For professional training?
  • The Capital Review Committee requires total cost of ownership analysis before agreeing to major acquisitions. What does TCO include?

You may be facing such questions for the first time and have little or no background in finance and planning. Or, you may have extensive experience in these areas, and still need to get up to speed on what belongs in your case, how to write the case, and how to package and "make" the case with an effective presentation. For your case building needs, either way, Solution Matrix Limited offers industry leading:

Business Case Books, Templates, and Spreadsheet Software
Step by step guidance and time-saving resources including the best selling books, Business Case Essentials and The Business Case Guide, professional grade templates, and spreadsheet software to guide you through the financial math.

Business Case Professional Training Seminars  
Take command of the 6D Case Building Framework™ in a one- or two-day seminar. Earn professional education credit while you design and build your own case:

Business Encyclopedia Online
Definitions, explanations, and best-practice examples for over 1,000 core business terms and methods such as . . .

 Business Case
 Return on investment ROI
 Internal rate of return IRR
 Total cost ownership TCO
 Business Case Risk
 Balance Sheet
 Payback Period
 Net Cash Flow
 Cost of Capital
 Business Strategy
 Project Control
 Capital Structure
 Intang. Benefit
 Busn Benefit 
 Busn Cycle
 Busn Model
 Inventory Mgmt

Consulting Services: The 6D Case Building Project

6D Business Case Framework: Define, Design, Develop, Decide, Deploy, DeliverDrawing on 18+ years of experience with a wide range of industries and business issues, the Solution Matrix 6D Framework™ is recognized as the Business Case standard, by companies and governments worldwide.  For those with specific decision support and planning needs, we offer the 6D Business Case Solution, a structured, collaborative, case-building project, designed to deliver the highest quality results in the shortest possible time.

To discuss your own case building needs, please contact Solution Matrix Ltd.

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The Best Selling Authority

Business Case Essentials

The complete concise guide to what belongs in your case and why. The trusted authority on business case analysis provides clear, practical, step-by-step guidance with a special focus on:

  • Financial metrics, ROI
    NPV, IRR and TCO.
  • Non-financial benefits.
  • Measuring, minimizing risk.
  • Proof: "Making the case."
  • Industry, government, and nonprofit examples.

Essentials—the most frequently cited case-building guide in print.

In-Depth Guidance Online

 The IT Business Case
 The Returns in Training ROI
 TCO explained and illustrated
 Return on Investment (ROI)

The Premier Professional Training Seminars

Building the Business Case Seminar Participants

Learn how to make your case.

Train and practice with the leading authority on business case analysis. Join more than 16,000 professionals worldwide who have mastered the 6D Framework in Basic and Master Class seminars.

Earn professional education credit while you build your case!

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