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Your business case must score high in credibility, accuracy, practical value.

Reaching these objectives begins by understanding that numbers alone do not make the case. How you design, develop, and present the case are as important as the return on investment ROI and other figures you project. 

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The Business Case is No Longer Optional

Businesspeople everywhere rely on business case analysis (BCA) to build the understanding and confidence they need to take action. That reality is no secret to business professionals seeking budgetary funding, project approval, capital spending, or top-level support.

Experience shows that incoming proposals without strong business case support are likely to fail. A weak or perfunctory case may qualify your proposal for consideration, but only that. Experience also shows that knowledgeable reviewers know how to read BCA results. They will give your proposal "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" depending on your ability to present professional-quality case results.

What's a Business Case?

Nevertheless, surprisingly few in business truly know exactly what case reviewers are looking for, or why some cases succeed while many fail. No surprise, then, the competitive advantage goes to the few with a strong grasp of business case basics.

Business Case: Define Your Terms!

The Business Case is an analysis that delivers two kinds of information about the consequences of an action or decision:

  • Forecasts: The business case asks "What happens if we take this or that action?" Analysis results answer in business terms: business costs, business benefits, business risks.
  • Proof: Reasoning and evidence make the case for choosing one action over another. The case proves in compelling terms why the chosen action is the better business decision.

Focus on Your Stakeholders

Decision-makers and review committees begin with this basic BCA principle: The case must meet stakeholder information needs. In practical terms, this means they look for credible forecasts, but they also need solid proof they are choosing the best course of action.

You cannot afford to settle for business case results that deliver less. When the competition gets serious, you need a real business case.

Rely on Solution Matrix ebooks, apps, and templates for best-in-class business case results, built from the ground-up on core BCA principles—principles with decades of proven success in private industry, government, and non-profit business on five continents

Case-Builder Beware!

Deliver a Real Business Case

The internet today is awash with books, training, and templates promising to help you show "what happens" if you take this or that action. Most simply provide a few cost and revenue forecasts for your action proposal or investment. Know that forecasts alone are not a business case!

To score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value in real-world business, your stakeholders expect clear answers to other questions as well:

  • Is funding your proposal the better business decision?
  • Wlll we really see these results?
  • Did you include all the benefits? All the costs?
  • Can we count on significant nonfinancial impacts?
  • How will you measure and minimize business risk?

Case-Builder Beware!

In business today, real-world decision-makers ask all the questions, and they expect answers they can trust.

Solution Matrix 6D ebooks, apps, and templates are ideal for everyone who needs to get up to speed on what belongs in the case, how to write a professional report, and how to deliver a compelling case to a critical audience. They are the ideal solution for those with little or no background in finance and analysis, and equally for those with in-depth expertise and experience in those areas.

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Meet here the The Solution Matrix 6D Framework™, the secret behind 25 years of customer success with our principle-based ebooks, templates, and apps. Businesses, governments, and nonprofits worldwide rely on the 6D Framework as the business case standard.

The 6D Framework leads you to a completed case, step-by-step, applying core principles such as efficiency, transparency, materiality, relevance, and focus on stakeholder information needs.

Read the ful story on 6D Framework in our feature article Business Case Analysis.

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